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Cute drawing: Scared female cartoon character with street style from the Dredhedz NFT Collection.

 A meticulously crafted, 

 hand drawn, 

 10k Generative NFT Collection. 

Minting now

Cartoon clouds against pastel blue sky

About the Collection

Meet the Dredhedz, a collection of 10,000 super cute, highly stylized  characters on a journey inward. Sitting with difficult feelings isn’t easy, and they’re feeling… overwhelmed.


Created by visual artist Julie Starr, this 10k Generative NFT Collection consists of over 250 hand drawn traits along with a few animated surprises. 


Each digital work of art is unique, speaking to the value of feelings, self expression and reconnecting to the child within.


The Dredhedz want you to know that you’re not alone & that it’s safe to believe in magic.




Skin Tones


Months in the Making


Percent Cute


Kawaii aesthetics meet cartoon character pop art with a mystical vibe.

Cute drawing: goth female cartoon character with skull mask and kawaii style.

Super Rare Traits

Cute drawing: Rare white jewel encrusted cartoon skull mask trait from the Dredhedz NFT Collection

Cheerleader costumes, jewel encrusted skull masks, kundalini snakes, something gold of course... and more!


Plus, A Giveaway!

Included in the collection are 100 Animated Spirit Characters. Be the first to mint one of these tokens, and unlock a free, limited edition print!

Peaceful cartoon clouds against pastel pink sky

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